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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  July 20, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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we are live in mountain view where flames engulfed a u- haul business. we will tell you what problems have plagued this lot in the past. 35 people arrested after protests against police turned violent. the way the chief hopes to calm the community today. and find out why the number of parking spaces may prove an issue for new planned parenthood in redwood city. there is a new opponent to san francisco's proposed ban on circumcision. the action the state is taking to prevent this measure from passing. the morning news continues. and good morning, everyone it's wednesday july 20th i'm
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mike mibach. >> and i'm claudine wong. let's get a look at your weather and traffic this morning. hi steve. >> hello claudine. we have mostly clear skies. temperatures will be warming up. we're already in the 50s and 60s expect for some fog. there won't be much to stop us from get into the 80s for some inland everyone upper 80s and a few low 90s. we will take a look at average temperatures coming up. here is sal. steve, right now traffic in marin county looks pretty good. there is road work there. you can see it northbound 101 just past the marin county civic center. this is just up the way to the parkway there. one lane is closed. the cones are still up. be careful with the workers once you move over at least slow it down as you pass the workers. it looks like they may be picking up the cones. this is a look at northbound 101 in san francisco. traffic is moving along nicely. there is a day-time baseball
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game today at at & t park. the game starts at 12:30. should be over by 4:00. arson investigators are working to determine what caused eight u-haul trucks to catch fire. it started at a u-haul facility in mountain view. tara moriarty is live this morning with the problems the facility has faced before and why that is linked to the fire. tara. >> reporter: the manager of the u-haul business showed up 15 minutes ago. they said they had problems in the past with people stealing fuel from the facility. so they have parked a bunch of u-haul trucks in this pathway to block access and that ended up costing firefighters valuable time this morning. you can see that the police have actually quarantined off this area. this is again where eight trucks were burned. arson investigators tell us once it's light out which is about now they will be bringing the dogs out here to sniff for
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accelerant. the deputy fire marshal has not said if it's suspicious. flames broke out just past midnight between the trucks which are parked in the lot in the middle of a hotel and a tire store. there are propane tanks on the lot. >> we set up a ladder operation off of 237 just as a precaution. we didn't end up using them at all. just as a safety net because they had pretty good it could have pulled a lot of water in there. >> reporter: all of the evacwees are become inside safe and sound. officials tell us they will probably be pretty high. he says this investigation could stretch into the afternoon. coming up we will tell you how firefighters were able to gain access seeing how they couldn't
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make it through this way. time now 6:03. the chp says it does not why a man that was walking on interstate 80 last night in east richmond was there. the pedestrian died after a white chevrolet malibu slammed into him. he was standing in the number three westbound lane east of mcbride avenue. the malibu fled the scene after the crash. officers say the car sustained front end damage. san francisco police chief greg sur will hold a community meeting tonight in the bay view district. the chief will cool down the growing tensions tied to last saturday's fatal police shooting. our ktvu cameras captured the chaos in downtown san francisco last night as police in riot gear arrested 35 prospero test -- protestors. they were expressing their anger over the shooting of harding. >> there is the whole oscar
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grant thing. and then they shot the guy on the bart last week and now this it's ridiculous. >> from what i heard, it sounds like the police had reason to do it. >> last nights demonstration comes hours after investigators released gunshot residue on harding's hand. we have posted raw video of last nights demonstration on our channel 2 website all you have to do is go to friends and family are mourning the lass of a marin county sheriffs deputy. jim mathiesen was gunned down early yesterday morning. he was asked to come to a home in petaluma to help a family friend involved in a domestic dispute. investigators say that's when the deputy was shot and killed by the friend's exboyfriend 28- year-old thomas halloran. he was then shot dead by the
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friend's brother. mathiesen leaves behind a wife and two children. there has been another pedestrian fatality on cal train's tracks. cal train says it hit a man at the lawrence stadium last night around 6:45. the man's name has not been released. it's unclear if it was a suicide or accident. this is the fifth fatality in seven weeks. a car rental company appears to be caught in the middle of a battle for planned parenthood. they hoped to open a new clinic in redwood city. jade hernandez is live the the new site. >> reporter: we haven't heard back from planned parenthood yet but this is the new proposed site. and this is the parking lot which only has enough parking spaces for 18 vehicles. that is a problem. the city requires the business to have 27 spaces available for
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clients. enterprize rent a car is just across the street. according to planned parenthood the rental car business agreed to allow their office nine of their parking spots. it appears enterprize rent a car is reanythinging on that deal. they wonder if the type of operation isn't causing part of the problem. it would provide family planning services and the option of dispensing chemical abortions. surgery call option -- surgical options would not be available. it hasn't necessarily stopped it. if eventer prize does not stop it could offer a different plan. reporting live jade hernandez. a state lawmaker from san francisco will enter the bizarre political battle over
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circumcision. fiona ma will join those. the proposed law will put -- the debt ceiling standoff continues in washington. coming up at 6:15 the bipartisan proposal that president obama praised and how it could also help out on the jobs front. that is according to one lawmaker. cal tran is asking residence of a mobile home park to stop feeding nearby birds. they are nesting in trees along the leisure lake mobile home park in order to build a sound wall 139 of those 174 trees will need to be cut down. while birds are nesting in them the trees are protected. they say if people stop feeding the birds they will go
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somewhere else to nest and work can continue. time now is 6:08. sal castaneda watching the roads this morning. it looked like things are busy. do we have problems yet? >> we do have a problem claudine and mike. this would be a new problem southbound 101 at the santa moss express way. it's a motorcycle accident. this is right before the san jose airport. if you are trying to catch your flight or take 101 either you go a different way or give yourself extra time to get there. so far it's not a huge delay to traffic. there is a little bit of a delay on 280 northbound getting up to highway 17 as you drive through downtown san jose. let's move along and take a look at the toll plaza as we look at it from emery vail-- emeryville. the metering lights are not on yet. but they should be coming on. and then along northbound 101 just to remind you there is a baseball game today attracting
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some 47,000 people to at & t park. it's the giants and dodgers it will be over about 4:00. that will impact your afternoon commute. let's go to steve. we have mostly clear skies. there is patchy thick fog from about the marin headlines, san francisco. and then along parts of the san mateo coast down to santa cruz. that is it. we don't have the big surge like we've had the last couple of mornings. we will start off with sunshine. sunrise over the big city. i look for inland temps today. normal high temps for july 20th. we are forecasting 92. it has been awhile since we've been over that number. calistoga 91 average this time of year. and gilroy 88 went slightly above. went 90 degrees. most locations inland temps have been so far below for awhile. coastal temperatures haven't been that far. they have been near average. there is still patchy fog going
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down the coast. you have to give it credit when the fog wants to form there is nothing to support it. so 50s and 60s on the temps. however, here comes another low dropping in so today looks like a warmup and then we will start to back off a little bit and see temperatures slide down. today unless you are right by the waters edge there won't be that much fog. it will be sunny and warmer for many. the fog will be enhancing and increasing. thick fog. mainly hugging the coast. and inland temps have no problem warming up today. so 60s, 70s, 80s, and low 90s. livermore right at 90. that is four warmer than yesterday. fremont 80 to 92 morgan hill. cupertino 85. still 70s and 80s on the peninsula. fog and sun will be increasing the fog as we head into the weekend so temperatures inland will come down.
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a san carlos man is being charged for impersonating a police officer after he used his fake badge at a spot where officers are known to hang out. a first of its kind bay area population study.
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arizona will ask the entire country to help pay for a border fence. the online campaign hopes to raise $50 million.
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82 miles remain unfenced along the arizona border with mexico. the proposal calls for inmates to put up the fencing. but owners say the plan won't work. a government report shows a mile of fencing costs between $1-2 million. the public policy institute of california found that 563,000 illegal immigrants have made the bay area their home. that is 8% of the regents total population. time now 6:15 congressional leaders might be heading back to the white house today for talks on how to raise the nation's debt limit. alison burns is live now in your washington, d.c. newsroom with the new plan that president obama seems enthuse
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cattic -- enthusiastic about. >> reporter: that is right be the gang of six has reached a deal on a plan that could pave the way for raising the nation's debt limit and president obama seems to like it. this plan would cut $3.7 trillion from the federal deficit over ten years. 26% of that savings comes from tax increases. 74% from spending cuts. conservatives have vowed not to support any tax increases but gang of six republicans says the tax reforms in the plan will lower many tax rates. >> we are going to seek corporate rates lowered to historic lows. that will have a huge impact on these people that are looking for jobs because corporations will then have certainty. >> reporter: meanwhile today the u.s. senate starts taking up another plan. the cut, cap, and balance bill the republicans sponsored bill that passed the u.s. house last night.
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president obama is promising a veto but it is unlikely it will pass the senate. reporting live from washington, d.c. alison burns ktvu channel 2 news. delta airlines plans to cut service to two dozen small cities across the midwest and south. flights to and from those cities have only half their seats filled. and some locations sell 12% of the seats available. the load factor is more than 80%. delta says it will take three months to shut down its operations in those 24 cities. the texas rangers are making safety changes to the ballpark following the death of a fan there earlier this month. they plan to raise the railings to 42 inches. right now they are only at 26 inches. that is still above the minimum requirement. the changes are prompted by the death of shannon stone almost two weeks ago. he plunged to his death while reaching far baseball thrown to him. medical marijuana could be easier to get in oakland.
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the city council last night moved to double the number of dispensaries from 4-8. the four dispensaries sell $28 million in pot each year. it also planned to charge an annual $60,000 fee to run a dispensary. blood centers of the pacific is looking for blood donors as it faces its annual summer shortage opinion the blood bank says it has less than a three-day supply on hand right now. it has scheduled several blood drives in the next week. donors can drop by between 1:00 and 7:00 p.m.. a san carlos man is being charged with impersonating a police officer at a police station. michael was arrested at his home on saturday afternoon. on july 11th he went to a san mateo county sheriff substation and used a fake badge to obtain police records and they say this is not the first time he used a fake badge at the police
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station. sal was telling us a little sluggish 101 in sunny-- sunnyvale. what else is happening? >> that problem i told you about last time it's growing. this is a fatal crash. the coroner has been called to southbound 101. and they are temporarily holding all the lanes there. southbound 101 at san tomas. this is usually the noncommute section. but these days people do all kinds of things. if you drive on southbound 101 perhaps you are trying to get to the airport, don't use 101 you might want to use 280 or 880 to get to the airport. don't use 101 for the time being. let's move along and take a look at 237. that is a nice way to get into the valley so far it's light. if you are driving on interstate 880 this morning in oakland the traffic is look good in both directions. right in front of the oakland
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coliseum there. let's go back to steve. thank you, sir. we have mostly clear skies. still thick fog. patchesover it on -- patches of it on the coast. overall we are looking good. it will be in the mid 80s near san jose. i want to thank the san jose state meteorology department they had a web camera there. it has been on the frit but it's -- it has been on the frits but it has been fixed. it's rather shallow and it's only hugging the coast. 60s for some. upper 60s for others. today sunny and warmer. thick fog on the coast on highway 1. lots of sunshine 60s, 70s coast today. upper 80s and a few 90s.
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it looks like cooler weather will take the inland temps down as we head into the weekend. billionaire investigator carl icon increased his take over bid for clorox. he's offering $80 a share for the company. that did amount to $10 .2 billion in his bid. he owns more than 9% of that company. federal lawmakers are calling for hearings and another investigation into the illegal mortgage practice known as row bow signing. officials in three states says it continues eight months after lenders promised to stop it. they found thousands of loan documents with questionable signatures. one company has received 1300 documents. but in 22 different styles of handwriting. the height of the world's tallest mountain is being
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questioned. nepal's government still estimates mount everest stands at 28,000 feet tall. but this is being challenged by climbers. a twice will be placed on the peak that measures the height using satellite technology. an unlikely story of survival as rascal the cat appears 79 days after a tornado destroyed his home. good morning, northbound 101 traffic looks okay. southbound 101 traffic does not. we'll explain why a big accident is causing big delays.
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good morning. we have a fatal motorcycle crash southbound 101 right near the san tomas express way. southbound 101 traffic will be slow. stay with us for more updates. the summer heat is causing streets in sioux falls, south dakota to buckle. the area has been heating a heat wave and there is 10 spots where the street has buckled.
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people are being warned not to avoid or to avoid those problem spots. australian researchers say they are step closer in developing a blood test to screen for alzheimer's. their tests successfully detected alzheimer's plaque in a patient's brain. researchers did not say when that test could be available they say they need a larger study to confirm the findings. alzheimer's reflects an estimated 75,000 people in the bay area. time now 6:26. the obama administration is considering a plan to offer free birth control as part of the health care reform law. if the idea is approved, no copay would be required when a woman picks up monthly contraceptives. the nonpartisan institute also suggests costs for gestational diabetes ux breast feeding support and counseling be covered.
6:27 am
the biggest controversy is the inclusion of emergency birth control. also known as the morning after pill. the department of health and human services will make a final decision by the end of next month. there is a new hurricane heading toward the coast of mexico. dora is the fourth storm of hurricane season. right now it's 250 miles off the coast of acapulco, mexico. it's heading northwest with winds up to 70 miles an hour. it could hit the coast within the next 36 hours. the government is preparing shelters in flood prone areas. he might be a few live short of nine but rascal is still being called one lucky cat. on july 11th 75 days after a tornado destroyed his home rascal was found alive. his weight husband one do two pounds and his collar had been tangled around has right front leg. the collar almost cut off his
6:28 am
leg but with surgery the vet was able to save it. set back for bryan stow. disturbing news from his family's website. and from san francisco this morning we speak to a woman that spent the night in jail following the arrest from last nights protest. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months.
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in the network, everyone can get along.
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looks like we are having the opening bell just finished ringing on the market this morning. we are watching wall street closing for you this morning but it was a great day yesterday. high day of gains for the dow all yearlong. stock futures are up this morning as well. we are expecting another good day. you can thank apple which was up 5% in premarket trading. we are expecting more earnings today. american is also announcing today that they will buy more
6:31 am
than 450 new planes which are hopefully going to be more fuel efficient. >> they will be in the air soon. >> yes. good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. it's wednesday, july 20th i'm mike mibach. >> and i'm claudine wong. dave and pam both have the morning off. san francisco police made dozens of arrests during the latest demonstration tied to a fatal police shooting. kraig debro is live in san francisco where he tells us how the city's police chief hopes to cool down the growing tensions. greg. >> reporter: they will be holding a town hall meeting. it will be a chance to communicate with the public. yesterday we had a protest march and rally through a few neighborhoods. police made about three dozen arrests. most of the people brought here to the hall of justice. we spoke to one of the women that stayed here. she took part because she doesn't believe justify chasing and shooting a fare jumper.
6:32 am
properties tours confronted police several times during the march. once in front of the mission street police station. some of the crowds broke one window. the march was held to protest the shooting death of is a seattle man. the protests started at the dolores park. once they got to downtown, some protestors blocked the cable car. when they didn't dispurse police started making arrests. we asked one why she was demonstrating on behalf of a personal that was on patrol and someone who was of interest of a murder. >> even if he did all of these horrible things, they didn't know that when they shot at him. they are use it to justify this murder. it makes no sense. >> reporter: police shot and
6:33 am
killed 19-year-old kenneth harding junior last saturday. harding was a patrol lee and a person of interest. the shooting came after harding allegedly tried to jump the fare at the third street station. the cumulative fact of the police shooting is giving people a sense that people are targeting certain members of the community. the marchs and protests are one way. reporting live san francisco. >> we have posted law video of last nights demonstration. just go to the police presence is growing in mountain view where eight u-haul trucks caught fire. tara moriarty is live at scene where she just spoke with the manager of that facility. tara. >> reporter: that manager actually folk spoke to fire investigators who say they don't know the cause of the
6:34 am
fire. the manager seems to think it is linked to gas thieves that have targeted his pumps over the past ten months. if you take a look behind me there is a tape up here and police are going to be reviewing video taken of this lot. investigators won't say if this fire is suspicious. there are propane tanks stored in the yard officials were concerned there could be some sort of explosion. they forced the evacuation of two dozen people nearby. the u-haul manager says the gas robber are also responsible for the fire. >> it disrupts the business plus it takes me hours to to get to the service station to refill my truck. the truck has to go out. >> reporter: you believe you have lost thousands and thousands of dollars? >> without a doubt.
6:35 am
>> reporter: firefighters had to cut a hole in a nearby fence to access the yard. >> we apologize for that. obviously we lost our signal with tara moriarty. bryan stow has suffered a set back. family members have posted a new message on their website saying the 42-year-old paramedic under went emergency surgery this week after a seizure. doctors at san francisco general hospital has seen slight signs of improvement since then. the family is still urging his many supporters to continue to pray. the award money is risen to $25t25000. they voted to increase their contribution by another $25,000. 31-year-old ramirez remains the prime suspect in the attack outside of dodgers stadium but he has not been charged.
6:36 am
police are looking for two other suspects as well as witnesses to the beating. the orinda teenager that was buried alive may not be able to move on his own. doctors say 17-year-old ryan buchanon is in a vegetative state. last month he was digging a sand tunnel when the sand gave way and collapsed on him. he was buried for sen minutes before rescue crews were able to dig him out. 6:36. a 62-year-old survived a 13 hour stranded in the san francisco bay. we showed you live the amazing recue yesterday of the wind surfer plucked from the chilly waters. coming up an exclusive interview. the park rangers will resume their search for hikers that were swept over a water fall. yesterday afternoon rangers received multiple calls from people who say at least one person was pulled over located
6:37 am
on the river. a spark smokes woman says it was immediately shunt done and search evers were sent to look for the hikers. rangerring are not confirming what happened or how many people are missing. there are plenty of people coming forward. >> i was shocked. i mean, to see people fall from that high. and the current. when they fell, i actually saw a head pop out and then develop back -- and then go back in. >> another says they saw a man and woman cross the safety barrier and they fell. the city of oakland will hold a special lay in. mayor jean quan says it would raise $11 million annually. the money would help pay for police officers city workers
6:38 am
and libraries. the 49ers and raiders have been meeting to discuss the possibility of sharing a new stadium. the most likely scenario would have the raiders pick up part of the tab for the $1 billion stadium. the raiders and -- and commissioner roger goodell has repeatedly that they should be building a state yum together. let's go back out to sal castaneda. sal. >> reporter: just looking at my screen here. news chopper two is just about there and let's go to news chopper two southbound 101. there it is. we are right near the airport. we do see the traffic here on 101 very slow. the crash by the way one of the reasons we're having a little trouble is the crash on southbound 101 at the airport
6:39 am
is right in the flight path of the airplanes at san jose international. the chopper has to come in from a slightly different angle to stay away from that path. we are look agent the live pictures. it's really a serious crash. it's a fatal crash on southbound 101. now southbound 101 is slow. also northbound 10 is slow in this area. let me put it on a map for you and allow the chopper to get a better position. southbound 101 at san tomas expressway. it's right in front of the airport. traffic will be slow in that area. we'll get back to the chopper in a bit. let's take a look at the golden gate bridge where southbound 101 traffic will be looking good coming into san francisco from marin county. here is steve. thank you. a little bit of patchy fog. overall it's mostly clear out there. fog very shallow. it's getting wiped out by a
6:40 am
northerly breeze. overall clear skies and temperatures will come up today. this could be really high water mark for a week as far as inland temperatures will go. we will get in your average. normal high temperatures for this time of year. antioch i looked inland since inland has had the coolest temperatures. 90 degrees. today i'm forecasting 92. calistoga 92. gilroy should be 88 but today i went 90. some of that fog continues to by the coast but there is nothing compared to what we had the last couple of days. 54 napa airport. leo 60s at lanita say. but there is skill -- but i have seen temperatures near 70 degrees. you get up around 2,000 feet.
6:41 am
there is very warm air aloft. one more day. that is the day it tops out. another system digging in. high pressure just flex its muscle a little bit today. there's there could be thick. and temperatures will come down. it will still be nice. clear lake 9:. 91 pittsburgh. 78 oakland. 73 alameda. fremont 80. sunnyvale 82. 78 san mateo. 64 daly city. it looks nice inland but temperatures will cool down. same sex marriage on the spotlight on capitol hill. hue dianne feinstein is leading the charge to give married same
6:42 am
sex couples equal standings. southbound 101 a fatal accident in santa clara is blocking for not two lanes. northbound 101 getting a good look at this. traffic is really slow on northbound 101. we'll tell you mt. about this crash coming up. hey parents, it's going to be a big school year.
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good morning, everyone. 6:44 on the clock. here's a quick look at the top stories we are following right now. arson investigators are trying to determine what caused eight u-haul trucks to catch fire early this morning. it started at a u-haul facility. two dozen people had to be evacuated over concerns of a nearby propane tank. ktvu cameras captured the brief chaos in san francisco last night. protestors were expressing their anger over the fatal police shooting of kenneth harding in the city's bay view district saturday afternoon. a cut, cap, and balance plan that cleared the republican lead house last night faces a veto threat from president obama. the president offered support for a bipartisan proposal that would cut the deficit by $4 trillion over the next ten
6:46 am
years. happening now a senate committee hear surround way on a -- committee hearing is under way. i want to take you live inside that hearing right now. lawmaker there is senator dianne feinstein is the lead sponsor of the respect for marriage act. it would give married same sex couples the same federal benefits as heterosexual couples. the white house announced that president obama supports senator feinstein's legislation. phone hacking scandal that has rocked murdoch's immediate empire. david cameron defended his decision to hire andy coleson. meantime news corp announced new this morning it has terminated payments to an investigator in that scandal. there was drama during yesterday's three hour grilling
6:47 am
of murdoch. a man actually tried to hurl a plate of shaving foam at the news corp ceo. but guess what happened? murdoch's wife jumped up and punched the man. a facebook page has been created for fans of mrs. murdoch's right hook. at & t could start installing new cable boxes in san francisco as soon as today. the board of supervisors approved the installation would an environment fall -- environmental report yesterday. it will create more options for cable and internet service. critics say the boxes will be an eyesore and will attract vandals. only on two a 62-year-old wind surfer shares her amazing story of how she survived 13 hours in the san francisco bay. >> i think i was most scared going through the bridge i was afraid i might get caught on something. it was getting cold. yes. that's why i have to keep extra swimming the whole time. >> ktvu morning news showed the
6:48 am
dramatic rescue live. kathy got stranded when the wind died down and she was alone with a broken sale. her radio and beacon did not work so she kicked and treaded for hours. the experienced wind surfer was not scared until the tide pulled her toward the pilings of the san mateo bridge. the coast guard spotted her around dawn raising her up to the helicopter with the use of a rescue basket. she vows to return to the water. and we have posted more of that rescue video at just look for the right now section on the front page. breaking news at this hour. we have been following a deadly motorcycle crash in santa clara. ktvu jade hernandez is now live at that scene where that accident is causing a traffic nightmare. jade. >> reporter: it is a traffic nightmare. we can show you the accident just past this california highway patrol squad car. in fact, we have been told to
6:49 am
stay away from the scene. they are still investigating what happened this morning. we can tell you this accident happened moments before 6:00. according to the chp the california highway patrol a speeding van and a motorcycle collided. we still trying to confirm details. we do know there is a confirmed fatality in this accident. the coroner has been called and i want to just pan off well actually we can show you news chopper two is up in the sky showing you an aerial view of the traffic and of this accident. again, to give you a perspective where we are. we are just under four miles from the san jose international airport. we are actually in santa clara. this is southbound 101 traffic right here. as claudine mentioned quite a tie up. just past this accident three lanes of southbound 101 are closed and as you can see traffic is trying to maneuver around the accident at this point. but as soon as we get more information from the chp we
6:50 am
will pass it along to you at the top of the hour. reporting live jade hernandez. and from jade let's go right to sal with a check on of the traffic down there in the south bay. for folks waking up what to avoid in that area and the best way to get around. >> right. as jade showed us pictures from news chopper 2. i want to show you the bigger scene down there approaching the san jose airport. and now as she mentioned this is right on the border between santa clara and san jose. if you look at 101 the bigger problem will be for northbound drivers. that is the commute direction and people are slowing unfortunately as they do when that there is a serious accident. as you can see if our news chopper two is going to tilt up for me news chopper two a little bit just so i can see that backup tilt and pan up there. you can see and he's pushing in now. look at the backup here. it's very, very slow.
6:51 am
as if you had to see it. you can take my word for it if you can't come to the tv screen. it's pretty bad on northbound 101. you need to give yourself extra time this morning. all right guest go out and take -- all right let's go out and take a look at other pictures. this is northbound 101. and it's very, very slow. as if you needed more proof 101 northbound is going to be slow. all right let's go to the san mateo bridge. busy getting out to highway 101. now let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. a little bit of fog. not much. it looks around drakes bay. and parts of the city and hit and miss it's very shallow. but it's there. if you are along the coast, keep that in mind. otherwise it's clear. temperatures will warm up today. this could be the warmest day of the week. patchy fog and warmer weather. a little bit more fog tomorrow. nice to warm but it looks like an increase in the fog and low clouds.
6:52 am
as we head to the weekend lots of low clouds yesterday. you can see how today gets wiped out. there is some forming. we are not -- coast is not clear. there is areas where it will be nice. have to deal with a little bit of fog. inland that is not the case. 50s and 60s already. another system is on its way into the pacific northwest. it's our turn to be on the cool side. high pressure in the middle of the country sun believablely hot and humid. for us we get a little western edge of that high to build in. inland temps get near average to slightly above which is not something we have had much of lately. the weekend looks like an increase in that fog bank. we will see cooler conditions. northerly breeze although that is kind of just lezzenning up. 60s and 70s coast and bay. but again i think this is the warmest day of the week we will start to see a cool down starting tomorrow. take that into the weekend and kind of keep it right there.
6:53 am
6:52. if you run your errands on foot, you live in the right place. the two bay cities among the top ten most walkable cities. also how retired athletes might help save this fall's pro football season. southbound 101 santa clara fatal motorcycle accident is still under investigation causing huge 2ke lays -- delays for the 101 commute.
6:54 am
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6:56 am
there is a live look at the big board preponderate dow is down. remember we are still dealing with this debt ceiling debate in washington. and then that is continuing to make investigators nervous. time now 6:55. nfl owners and players are still inching closer to a deal to end the league's four month old lockout. they will meet today. they are confident they can reach an agreement in the next four days. yesterday retired pro players say they will not stand in the way of an agreement. earlier they had complained they had been left out of the talk which directly effects their pension. oakland was ranked the
6:57 am
tenth most walkable city in the united states. the scoring is based on foot access to amenities such as grocery stores, restaurants, schools as well as parks. 6:56 let's go right back out to sal. drivers going through the southbound having problems hill morning. >> ktvu has a crew on the ground and in the air covering the silicon valley accident that will make the commute tough. let's go right to news chopper two where we see two lanes and now three lanes blocked for the fatal motorcycle accident. 101 is down to one lane. northbound 101 is a big problem coming up. we will continue to follow this. it will be creating big delays on 101 in san jose. let's go to steve. thank you. expect for thick fog and it's only patchy on the coast we are good to go for sunshine and warmer today. straight ahead on mornings on 2 a san jose mother's terrifying ordeal. the bold attempt to steal her
6:58 am
child out of her arms. toilet paper becomes a weapon in one california community. [ female announcer ] this is the story of sam,
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who made an unexpected arrival. [ woman ] he was 4 months early, weighing 1 pound, 12 ounces. [ female announcer ] fortunately, sam was born at sutter health's alta bates summit medical center. [ woman ] the staff was remarkable. they made me feel safe, trusting, cared for. [ giggles ] they saved his life. i owe all of them my son. [ female announcer ] alta bates summit medical center and sutter health -- our story is you. we're live on the ground near a deadly accident in santa clair ray. newschopper --


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